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            ABOUT US

            Foshan Tianye Medical Instrument Co., Ltd. is a professional R & D, production and sales of professional dental equipment company,The company specializing in the production of medical disinfection cabinet, custom side cabinets, mobile carts,free clinic design. The main products include Dental high and low speed mobile phone, Taiwan ART series distributor in China scaler, ART high frequency electric knife, bone knife, Taiwan car needle,Comprehensive treatment machines and various accessories. Disinfection and cleaning of small devices and a variety of oral consumption and accessories.

            We are always committed to the world's dental industry technology and product innovation, has a persistent pursuit of science for many yearsR & D team engineers, coupled with imported CNC machining centers and CNC lathes, and the factory inspection of the product so that The company has the industry's respect and admiration. We "product quality,
            reasonable price, the customer first, credit first"For the company to adhere to the principle.

            Days strategy medical sincerely look forward to working with more customers at home and abroad together, go hand in hand, mutual benefit and win-win for the world dental industry The contribution of the development of their own power.

            Your Best Partner Of One-Stop
            Purchase In China Dental Business !
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            地址: 廣東省佛山市南海區羅村機場路街邊七星工業區A區9路2號

            電話: 86-757-86408075         傳真: 86-757-86408075

            E-mail: tc@yk-fs.com



            地址: 廣東省佛山市南海區羅村機場路街邊七星工業區A區9路2號 | 電話: 86-757-88798258

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